Learning at GIS is an exciting journey of discovery guided by the dynamic procedure. The GIS curriculum provides students with a broad educational programme which extends learning beyond the academic to the social, ethical, physical, creative and emotional development of each child.

By emphasizing the inter-relatedness of subjects, the GIS curriculum enables students to make connections between different areas of knowledge, thus developing in them the ability to be uniquely reflective about their learning.


The GURUKUL International  School, GIS  respects the religion and cultures of all the students and staff. The school ethos includes elements that promote integration and appreciation. The children are encouraged to look beyond the walls of the classroom and develop the global perspective on life that has become the hallmark of the School. The international nature of the students and staff is a natural setting for global understanding.

Besides keeping pace with international schools around the INDIA .GIS also constantly keeps in touch with the development of education in the many quality schools in the STATE . This sometimes takes the form of inter school meets and national tours.



The GURUKUL International School, GIS aims to deliver an international educational programme beyond the limits of the academic curriculum. It offers a wholesome and sound education in a state-of-the-art setting. The School is second to none in the exciting possibilities it has with the most modern facilities on campus and a faculty rich in talent and experience.

Our expectations are high, not only from our pupils but from our staff as well. Each one must recognize the value of a caring and motivational atmosphere and be aware of the need to work in partnership with parents for the future success of the students as they prepare for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life.

In fact, the all-round education offered in the classroom, the dormitories, the playgrounds and the campus in many ways encapsulates a training that has all the richness and flavour of the ancient Indian systems and all the vision and breadth of modern education. Even the very CBSE and IGCSE curricula have scope to expand or digress into values that will build a true citizen of the modern world.


  • 30+ Students below 100 Ranking in NSTSE and   Maths and Science Olympiads

  • Secured Various Prizes and Awards for Painting, Allocation, Drawing, Arts and Dance Compitations

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"The Most Powerful thing in life.... is Our thinking, which has ability to change any situation".


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